CK proved to be very helpful when needed. The course helped me become more disciplined through problem-solving and exam sessions. There came a point where we knew the material but were still not able to do well on the exam. The CFA ® exam is not only about the material but also about the techniques and methods we gained during each session. This is where CK comes in.
Ithmaar Bank Employee

My CFA® program experience with CK has been wonderful. CK has a very helpful faculty with knowledgeable lecturers and all the other resources needed to be on track for your exam preparations. The study and learning environment at CK is very professional. I was particularly impressed with the knowledge delivery methods used and CK’s enthusiasm and commitment to ensure the candidate’s success.
Ernst & Young Employee

When it comes to supporting, the staff was phenomenal. I would like to thank everyone at CK Institute of Finance for the dedication they demonstrated throughout the preparation for our exam. The coaching provided was personalized to suit our needs and eased the preparation stress. CK was the holding hand that led us to our exam seats, comforting all of us.
Morgan Stanley Employee

First, I would like to thank CK for their continued support and effort. Second, I would definitely continue my CFA® program studies at CK, to gain maximum benefit as it can’t be obtained anywhere else.
Khaleeji Commercial Bank Employee

It’s been a pleasure taking the CFA course as your institute made it a beneficial and interesting experience.
BBK Employee

I would have never imagined that a training and educational center would ever reach such standards. The instructors were by far the best in the industry. The students had access to all resources possible, in order to enhance student knowledge and experience. CK Institute of Finance had successfully built the best training center in town, with a very friendly environment in the best location-is there anywhere better than being in the Financial Harbour?
Quilvest Employee

Learning at Capital Knowledge has been great. With the help of an excellent teaching faculty and supportive staff, I was able to clear the Level I CFA® Program exam. I found the weekly group study sessions to be very useful as they helped me organize my time efficiently and practice problems on a regular basis.
Ernst and Young Employee

I can say with great confidence that no institute in Bahrain would do what CK Institute of Finance has done for us. For that, I would like to express my gratitude. It was great to be part of the group and it’s an experience I will never forget.
Ithmaar Bank Employee

CK has played a major role in making this an enjoyable experience. I think that the mock exams we took during the course helped a lot. I was able to manage my time properly. I think that the entire course was extremely good. All the support and help CK gave us was beyond expectation, it just can’t be better!
CBB Employee