CK’s Prep Courses for the CFA® Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to earn a CFA® charter?
On average, it takes four years to earn a CFA® charter.

How many exams do I have to take?
There are three exams that you have to take in sequential order. You will have to pass the first exam to be able to take the next exam.

Can I get an exemption from any part of the CFA® exams?
There is no exemption available for any level of the CFA Program.

Will my exam fee be returned if I am unable to sit the exam?
CFA Institute has no refund policy for candidates unable to sit the exam. Also, enrollment fees cannot be carried forward or transferred to other candidates.

Are all the topic areas weighted equally?
No, CFA Institute has assigned different levels of importance for each topic area, depending on the level.

Do I have to take the exams for three consecutive years?
No, you don’t have to finish the CFA® Program within a specific time frame, there is no limit to the number of times you can take an exam. You do not need to repeat an exam level that you have passed, regardless of the time that elapses between exams.

Am I required to buy the CFA® Program curriculum?
The complete curriculum is included as part of the registration and will be sent to you by CFA Institute.

How many hours will I have to study to prepare for the CFA exam? What if I also have a full-time job?
CFA Institute recommends 250 hours. Here at CK, we recommend that participants should do at least 450 hours. About 60% of it will be done with CK. However, the allocation of the time will depend on your job and the schedule of classes.


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