CFA® Program Prep Courses
@ CK
Knowledge, discipline, perseverance and working under pressure are skills candidates need, to successfully prepare and pass CFA® exams. At CK Institute of Finance we provide ample opportunities to acquire these skills.

Our course is divided into two parts prep and intensive, which must be taken together.

In our prep courses, knowledge is delivered by CFA® charter holders who are also experienced and passionate instructors. Review sessions combine several techniques (lecturing, problem solving and group activities) to keep the sessions interesting, energy level of the candidates high and to stretch the attention span of hard working young professionals at the end of long busy working weeks.

In our intensive review courses, discipline and perseverance are emphasized through a strict regiment of piecemeal preparations and home work assignments. Working under

pressure and fighting mental and physical fatigue are practiced through numerous diagnostic tests taken under simulated exam conditions.

Candidates who attend at least 67% of the sessions, submit all homework, take and fail the exam are entitled to repeat the course for free.